Civil and industrial
design and construction.

Civil and industrial
design and construction.

About Us

Star Guest Italia is a well-established company that has been operating for more than 15 years in both the private construction sector, specializing in new construction, total renovation, and plant engineering, and the public works sector for the construction of civil and industrial buildings. This includes rehabilitation, maintenance, and consolidation projects.

With a long experience built on commitment, spirit of innovation, and constant updating, the company currently operates as a first-rate partner in the general contracting sector. It manages projects under D.L. Relaunch No. 34 of 19/05/2020.

Thanks to a high-level professional consulting approach and a rigorous methodology based on quality of service, excellence of work, and full compliance with current regulations on prevention and safety at construction sites, Star Guest Italia is the ideal partner for all clients who want to lay new foundations for their future.

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Star Guest Italia can satisfy all kinds of requests, providing tailor-made solutions designed to meet a wide range of needs in both the civil and industrial sectors.


Analysis, research, and evaluation are the basis of every project carried out by Star Guest Italia. A team of architects and engineers is responsible for conceiving, studying, designing, and planning the work in all its structural and architectural aspects, guaranteeing meticulous and punctual design, carried out according to the client’s specific needs.

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Star Guest Italia gives shape to every design idea, carrying out new constructions, extensions of buildings, and properties intended for industrial and production activities. Thanks to its experience in the sector and the highly specialized technical staff, it can offer a complete service, delivering the required property fully turnkey and ready for use.

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Major Renovations

Star Guest Italia specializes in major renovations, upgrades, and consolidations of condominiums, buildings, and civil and industrial properties. The interventions are aimed at preserving and recovering their structural characteristics, renewing their intended use, and ensuring their perfect functionality over time.

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Superbonus 110%

Star Guest Italia provides comprehensive consultation for the development and execution of projects following D.L. Rilancio n.34 of 19/05/2020. We guide our clients step by step, from the initial assessment phase of refurbishment interventions to the execution phase related to certification practices.

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