Analysis, research, and evaluation are the basis of every project carried out by Star Guest Italia.

A team of architects and engineers is available to conceive, study, design, and plan the work in all its structural, engineering, and architectural aspects, guaranteeing a meticulous and punctual design, carried out according to the specific needs of the client and the intended use of the building.

The design process is managed by skilled professionals who meticulously analyze and verify each aspect of the project. This includes functional, aesthetic, and energy considerations. They are tasked with identifying the most efficient and innovative design solutions to elevate the overall quality of the project.

The activities involved are as follows:

  • Conducting an Inspection
  • Undertaking a Feasibility Study
  • Performing Structural Analysis
  • Selecting Appropriate Materials
  • Creating an Architectural Design
  • Applying Technical Expertise
  • Implementing Building Practices

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